Decades of Doubt: The John McCabe Murder Saga

A year in the making. Two authors. Thousands of pages of source materials. And a case that took nearly Decades of Doubt_7half a century to close. Decades of Doubt: The John McCabe Murder Saga is a thrilling true-life murder mystery about a teenage boy who was killed in Massachusetts in 1969, the investigation that lasted for over forty years, and the shocking results of the trials of three suspects.

But the question remains: did the police arrest the right men?

I co-wrote the book, which was inspired by an episode of CBS’s 48 Hours Murder Mystery, with New Hampshire defense attorney Eric Wilson, who served as counsel for one of the three men charged with the crime. We spent about a year doing weekly telephone interviews, and Eric sent me his entire case file, which totaled more that two thousand pages. I spent hundreds of hours poring over transcripts, reviewing crime scene photos, and examining miscellaneous data. And the resulting novel, which is distributed by Waldorf Publishing, is a labor of love that many are calling a complete page-“turner” (pun possibly intended) from start to finish.

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