Trying to Walk Like a Man: The Chris Wiehl Playbook

Trying to Walk Like a Man: The Chris Wiehl Playbook, my second title for Waldorf Publishing, is a memoir about the life and times of Los Angeles actor/filmmaker Christopher Wiehl. The book covers Chris’s childhood in Central Washington, his ongoing trials and tribulations in the cutthroat Hollywood entertainment industry, and–most importantly–his 2009 battle with a brain tumor that nearly cost him his life.

Over the course of about seven months, Chris and I had several interview sessions per week, then I put the interviews into narrative form to tell Chris’s story. For me personally, there were two takeaways from working on this project: for one, it was a welcome departure from my last book (a true-life murder mystery), as Chris’s “voice” (in both literal and narrative terms) is a lot closer to my own narrative style. And two, Chris and I have a whole lot in common: we’re the same age, we’re both creative types, and we’ve both suffered brain trauma (him with a tumor, me with a brain injury). So yeah, I’ll beat you to it: we’re both not right in the head–literally. All kidding aside, I’m pleased that I’ve made a lifelong friend in him.

Trying to Walk Like a Man is scheduled for release in October 2017. Pick up your copy now!